The Story of Finn Sight

Finn Sight was started in the fall of 2010. Friends of mine active in the silhouette shooting community told me there were no good, quality sights to be found.After studying the situation I realized our resources and contacts would able me to start designing, developing and producing these products.

The first prototypes were ready for testing in the winter of 2011 after which we headed back to the drawing board for further development. The second versions, finished by that spring proved to be worthy of use and are currently being put to the test in competitions.



I have always been intrested in engineering and manuafacturing, which is why this project really fascinates me with a passion. Our main goal is to design and produce the most accurate, durable and high-quality sight in the world.

We aim to deliver our 100% Finnish and made out of the best materials sights and components all over the world. Our core idea for me is the importance of personal service and out of these pages I wish to create a home for silhoutte shooting enthusiasts, where you can find the sight you need.

Miikka Kaskinen